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  • Jacqueline Druga

The Day I became The Flash

It didn’t happen by some weird lab experiment. But it happened.

I became The Flash.

Now, you’re probably thinking that I have lost my mind. I assure you, I have not. I’m not The Flash now, but I believe I was not long ago.

A little over two weeks ago this phenomenon happened.

I was working at the hotel, when a guest came down at 4:45 complaining of loud music in the parking lot outside his window.

I will tell you right now .. I wasn’t even thinking. Honestly. I told the guest, “Okay’ and I went out to check it out. I didn’t realize how far in the back of the building this lot was,nor how late, and I would be lying if I said it didn’t cross my mind that it wasn’t a good idea. But I continued on anyhow.

I had no intention whatsoever of approaching the car. I just wanted to see which car it was and if it actually was in our parking lot. I get to where this guests room would be, and hunched over some, holding my sweater closed, I tilted my head to listen. It was one of two cars. One of them had no one inside and the other, the windows were tinted so dark, I couldn’t see. Well, that was the car, because as I inched forward tuning into to see if the music was from the tinted windows car….


The person inside SLAMMED their hand hard against the window. It scared the hell out of me, I jumped back, hands up and backed away. As I turned to go, I heard his engine rev.

Scare tactic. They thought I saw them. Uh, okay, they had tinted windows, did they really think I could see what they were doing? Apparently so, because no sooner did I take my first quick step away, they peeled from from the spot …

Not wanting to take a chance of being a viral video

'Grandmother wearing and awful shade of lime green hit in hotel parking lot'

I started to run and what did he do? He came right for me.

Now, I’m not that stupid, I have seen enough horror films. I focused forward and didn’t look back. Every time in a movie some looks back, they trip and fall. Trust me that was racing through my mind. ‘Don’t trip. Don’t trip.”

You’re probably wondering how I, an above middle aged grandmother proceeded to outrun a car?

Yep. You guessed it. I turned into the Flash. Somehow, some way, I was no longer in control. I had to run a good half a football field length before I turned the corner of the lot, then another hundred feet to a door.

My feet didn’t even feel as if they were on the ground. I was flying. I swear I head the music .. “FLASH AHH AAHH”, okay maybe not.

Not once did I lose my breath until I flew through the back entrance, ran strait to the lobby and yelled out for someone to secure the front doors.

Just as they did, that car sped to the front. When the driver saw people in the lobby, he took off.

Once he did, once I was safe, I heaved out a breath.

That is how people outrun zombies, I thought.

Fear is a powerful thing. It motivates more than you can realize, pushes you to your limits without thought and enables us to do things almost humanly impossible.

Like outrunning a speeding car.

Of course, we called the police. And while waiting, this unknown (At the time) guest returned and parked in the back, sneaking in. Did they arrest him. No. Apparently, according to the police officer, chasing an old woman down with a moving vehicle with intent to harm is NOT a crime on hotel property, it’s just rude behavior on the part of the guest.

Oh, yeah, that police officer is a whole other story. But I can’t say anything because his behavior and handling that night, is under investigation.

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