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Jolly Copper is one of the few people who know the world is on the brink of cataclysmic destruction.... not because he had any scientific knowledge or prophetic dreams, but because he is nosey and read what was on a fellow bus passenger's phone one day.

He learns there will be an unprecedented series of natural disasters, and the expected grand finale disaster is predicted to be a tidal wave massive enough to swallow half the globe.

His discovery leads him to exhaust all his funds making relentless preparations, transforming Jolly into a modern-day Noah. However, only those closest to him believe him, while others around him see him as delusional.

That is … until it all begins.

Suddenly, "delusional" Jolly is now the expert...but, really, he’s not. He’s just a single father doing all he can to make sure he and his daughter survive.

Even the best laid out plans can go awry, and despite everything he did and organized, Jolly and his family find themselves like everyone else … in the middle of it all at the end of the world.
Can Jolly keep it together enough to keep his family and those he loves alive?

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