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When the outbreak comes to a head, Laney is away from home. Chasing her dream of being the winner of a baking reality show, she is sequestered like a juror. No phone, no internet, no knowledge of what is happening.

When the show evacuates all of the contestants, somehow Laney is left behind. Shut off from communication when the city loses power, Laney is clueless about what is happening and lacks the knowledge of the virus she is facing. Those infected experience a violent fever rage before the virus ultimately consumes them and takes their lives.

She’s far from brave and searches for someone to help her. Carrying a backpack with some supplies and very little survival know-how, Laney has a choice. She can wait it out until all infected die or try to make it home to her family. However, meeting the young girl Nika, changes how Laney must view and navigate her journey. Her weaknesses need to become strength.

The journey becomes more than just getting home.

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