Sores and a mysterious growth cover three deer that refuse to budge on Miller Run Road outside of Griffin Arizona.  The sickly animals are mistaken for scared until they brazenly attack a car causing a fatal multivehicle accident.

Like everyone else in town, Cass McDaniels has lived in Griffin her entire life. When she is assigned the accident story, her findings are dismissed. The story dies with the people on the road.

The people of Griffin are as closed minded as much as the town is cut off from the rest of the country. But Cass doesn’t give up.

With a nearest city thirty miles in any direction, Griffin is isolated. Spotted internet, lack of cable, they rely on outdated means of communication for current news events. The usual three day information lag leaves them unaware of the growing threat outside of the safety of their town. By the time Cass uncovers the truth, Griffin must face not only the danger that threatens their existence, but a danger that threatens the existence of all mankind.

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