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YPP-234: The New Plague

Following a control breach at a top-secret facility, a weapons grade biological pathogen, YPP-234, escapes and quickly spirals out of control. It is deadly, it is fast, and it goes unnoticed until it is too late.

YPP-234 isn’t just a manmade biological weapon, it is a manmade extinction level event.

Now it is out.

Returning home from a successful business venture, Ellis Ridge is trapped inside a plane on a tarmac in New York City. More than quarantined, he and others are prisoners, not because someone on the plane is patient zero, but rather someone on the plane is the weapon.

Cut off from all factions of communication and news, Ellis is unaware of the danger so close and that the world around him is falling apart. He just wants to leave and get home to his family. Something that may not be as easy as he thinks and the outcome not as hopeful as he believes.

YPP-234 is a stand-alone novel.

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