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What Happened to Beginnings?

As many of you know, Beginnings is my life force. And I have no plans to stop writing it, however, at this time I am only writing one a year. HOWEVER, inspired by the new Twilight book, I am thinking of rewriting a Beginnings Book strictly from Frank's perspective.

Any thoughts to which one Frank should tell?

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Oct 28, 2022

Curious, at the end of book 33 of the beginnings series, which yes I read all 33 book in 2 months, could be less not sure I get so wrapped up in reading them (up next the 3 companion books). At the end of 33 you say up next: Crossing Paths? I am going to guess it has not been released yet and that I either need to slow down or read the other 3 books and hope it comes out soon. if not, there are other books of yours I have not read yet, as I am only 70 books into your collection of books all since May of this year. I love your books, can't stop reading them.…

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