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The Iso Stasis Experiment - A Review by Frank Slagel

Warning Graphic Language

So, the ‘Iso-Stasis’, not sure what that is. I only reviewed the first book. It’s already too long. Did you see how long that book is? It’s nothing compared to the second book. I opened up the book, six thousand fucking pages for the trilogy. Six thousand. Someone needs to tell her that’s a bit much.

Anyhow, I only read the first one. I did hear the second one was better, maybe I will get to that. But I heard the next two fucking suck, so I’ll take a hard pass.

The idea of the story is they throw eight people together. Some strong. Some not and toss the 3 M’s at them. Mental, Nature, Monster.

Yeah, there’s a fucking monster.

Best part of that book.,

One person is supposed to remain.

My favorite character is Rickie. He was the smart one. We’re supposed to like the so called Hero Jake. The guy is flat. No humor, is an asshole, probably because he’s an officer, like Hal, and like Hal is a dick. Also like Hal, he’s a thirty-some year old virgin who falls for the first chick he sees.

Not only that, eh tries to change her into what he wants. Get up, get dress, work out, get muscular, do this, eat that. What the fuck, leave the chick alone, she didn’t need you to be bad ass.

Anyhow, this monster, which is a cross between big foot and a man is huge and vicious. He’s strong. Not too big for me. I took down a twenty foot bear.

But for Jake he’s too cunning.

You gun him down and he just cocoons and comes back.

First, he smells, hint that he’s coming. No one should be surprised. Second ….and this will be a spoiler. Spoilers means I am gonna tell you about something that happens that you won’t read until the end of the book. So Spoiler.

How fucking dumb is this Jake? He’s supposed to be this hot shot ranger. Yet, yet, the fucking monster gets gunned down, comes back and Jake just rinse and repeats. How many times does it take for you to just chop off it’s fucking head. Why did it take to the end of the book? I was already screaming at the pages. Stupid. If it was me, the first time that monster came back, I would have assumed it was zombie and took off its head. That’s just me. I’m frank.


And this is my review of the Iso Stasis experiment.

Oh, yeah, how about the old original cover I found to use for this review.

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