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Captain Marvel Review

It’s funny how things go.

I was super enthusiastic about not only seeing Captain Marvel, but doing a dual review with Katelyn. The idea was neither of us discuss the film and we both review it, and I would post reviews. As if this moment, I have not read her review and I am positive, even if she hated the film, she has a better review. So I’ll keep this short. You can skip mine and find hers HERE

Here are my thoughts of Captain Marvel

Notice the blank section. Yeah, that’s about it. It had its moments that were good, but nothing was great. Nothing stood out to me like the usually Marvel films. I hated Dr. Strange less than this and I didn’t think that was possible.

Okay, wait, hate is a strong word. Bad word choice. I didn’t love Dr. Strange, I barely liked it. And I barely like CM even more.

Why? I think it’s the character and the actress combined. MCU really wanted to shove a female super hero down our throats and it felt forced. It felt as if I was to cheer her on because she is a woman.

Gender doesn’t matter, I’ll cheer on a hero if they give me a ‘Rush of Hero feel’. Captain America does, so does Tony Stark. Ant Man … no. CM …. No. Hawkeye yes. Hulk not really.

The delight of the film was seeing Fury and Coulson two decades younger. And oh, yeah, the Blockbuster scene … priceless.

See it if you want, but sadly this is one of the MCU films, I personally could have skipped.

Now enjoy Kate's complete breakdown!

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