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A Train to Busan - a Review by Frank Slagel

This review is of the movie Train to Busan. I had to draw the picture because some sort of copyright thing removes like all pictures from the movie if you don’t ask for permission first. Even like for a blog that only fifty people read. You have to ask for permission. So screw, it I drew it. Dean said it was uncanny how real it looked.

I heard the sequel is out so I figured I’d watch the first one.

Anyhow, Train to Busan is about a train going to Busan. I’m not sure where it is, I think Louisiana or something. Not sure. So this dad take his kid on the train to Busan to see her mother Susan. I don’t think it was her name, but it rhymed and it should have been her name.

A zombie outbreak happens like all over the world while these people are fucking zipping by on a train.

But … there are zombies on the train.

Here’s something I don’t get about zombie movies. They see a zombie, they act like they haven’t heard of them. The undead is twitching, all pale, eyes gray and the person asks, “Are you okay?”

No, they aren’t okay. If you aren’t gonna shoot this thing with blood pouring from their mouth, at least run.

These things are fast. Not your typical slow moving dead, but fast, like on some sort of speed virus.


That is a great book idea. A speed virus that makes people go and go and go until they die.

That’s not that this movie is about. These are zombies.

It is one of the best ones I have seen. Fucking ton of zombies. So many you do have to ask, why are all these zombies chasing a train? How are they catching it? Where di they come from and why do they sing that song at the end?

No spoilers here.

The only problem I had with this movie is the audio.

Was it just me or were the actors really hard to understand. I couldn’t figure out a word they were saying. They had to be from the south or from England. I can’t understand them either.

Anyhow watch it. Hal didn’t. He was scared.

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