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A Day in the Life - Bigfoot

When it comes to being a writer, there is more to every day life than just writing books.

Granted, everyone's job or career isn't their entire day. But ... when you're a writer, things slip into your day, that probably wouldn't be there if you weren't a writer.

I like to think I write more often than the average writer. So in fact, my world is pretty much immersed in the creative. I don't look at things normally and I certainly don't stay inside the box.

I get these ... situations that happen to me. UFO sighting, strange men buying an abundance of bleach in the store, zombies driving down the interstate. Yeah, I have had my share of mistaken zombie sightings... and today Bigfoot. I would say alien, but my theory is bigfoot is actually part of an alien species.

Now see, Bigfoot is real. Scoff if you want, but I totally believe in Bigfoot. I have seen him, I hit him with my car. Yep. I did. Driving down a dark, tree lined, winding road at two in the morning, I took a bend slowly and BAM ... there he was. He was crossing the road as if he were out for a late night drive. He swung his body around, as surprised to see me as I was him, and he tried to move. I tried to swerve and slow brake, but I nipped him with my front end, sending him off to the side of the road.

My friend was in the car with me. I was like, "Oh my God, oh my God, I just hit bigfoot."

She responded. "I don't thin it was bigfoot. It was a bear or a very large Rottweiler."

"Really? A Rottweiler on two legs."

"It can happen."

All this while we are in the middle of the road. I look back, to see where he went and only see a fast movement. Bigfoot got up and ran away.

Now I had front end damage and I called the insurance because I have an act of nature clause. Thinking, 'surely if a deer is an act of nature, so is bigfoot'

Apparently not. Hitting bigfoot isn't covered under that clause.

My grown kids will say, that I am a writer so it's the alcohol talking. But the odd things happen when I don't drink.

Like last night, four in the morning, I hear this heavy stomping outside and then a racket. I peered out the back, only to hear 'something' in my garbage. No clanking pot or water down to whatever it was, worked. It stayed for a while. Not only knocking over cans, but this thing was strong enough to lift the cinder blocks and unsnap the lids.

There was so much garbage in the morning on my lawn, it looked like the remnants of a Kenny Chesney concert.

I live in a county park. Literally right smack in the middle, huge property, surrounded by woods. It's a county park house, and getting one to rent is like finding gold. They're affordable and great. Except for the animals.

Being told I need to go to the park's animal control when I have critters, I went again today. This was our conversation....

"Another raccoon?" Tim, the AC guy asked me. (I go there quite often)

"Not today."

"Wild Cat? Boa Constrictor? Giant Ground Hog?"

Okay, so I do go a lot. But in my defense that snake was huge and the ground hog so fat he can't walk. I think the raccoon gives him food.

"No, Tim, I'm pretty sure it was bigfoot."

"Well, you aren't the first report of bigfoot today."

"Oh, my God, really?"

"No. But I'll send someone over to check it out."

They think maybe it's a large cat. Who knows. But that has to be a mountain lion to tear down my garbage can fortress. Anyhow, my whole point of this long rambling blog is ... I wonder if Bigfoot would be an option if I wasn't a writer.

Oh, well, such is the life in the day ...

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