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Kasper Wallace is a screw up. Everything he tries to do in life falls apart. He struggles to rise above his troubles until the day a global pandemic gives him a purpose.


His years of immersion into the apocalypse scenarios of books, movies and video games, provides him with the knowledge that makes him a survival asset.


But, is it enough to fight an invisible invader that sickens and turns its victims into something much more threatening?


The virus shows no mercy or prejudice. It is violent and swift and the after effects of its rage leaves the human race at the edge of extinction.


Kasper has a choice. He can sit back, hunker down or he could be one of the few that do something.  Even if it means his life, he becomes part of an eclectic and misfit team that are tasked with removing and killing the infected across the country.  A task that becomes increasingly more difficult as the range of the affected areas grow.