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Now it is so much easier!


One click. One step.


Jacqueline has started a Kindle Free Read Club. After successful beta testing, Jacqueline is able to get books and short stories directly to your kindle or kindle app. Absolutely free!


If you should already own the book she sends, feel free to ignore or delete it.


Book will be sent to you once a month. No, catch, no fee. Just her way of saying, 'thanks'.


How it works: You will receive an email with a link to download the book for Kindle, Kindle apps, nook and other readers. We use Bookfunnel.


It is Jacqueline’s hope to get other authors to give books, as well, to this endeavor.


This is not a mailing list so you only will receive emails when it is time for a free book.


Fill out the form below. It’s that simple. Start getting your free books.

(By joining you agree the books you receive are promotional copies - we need this for Amazon). And please, if you review any books you receive from the club, mention in your review that you received a promotional copy.

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